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Scientific scope of the journal;

The main objective of the new scientific magazine: International and Multidisciplinary Journal of Global Justice (IMJGJ) is the holistic approach to the theoretical framework of global justice’s normative theory. Thus, the scope of the journal can be described as wide and inclusive for various science disciplines, which is reflected in the title of the journal.

The main idea of the journal is to create not much separated, but rather inter-locked themes, which will include the following thematic modules;

• Philosophy,
• Political science,
• Sociology,
• Economics

Within these modules, a certain degree of thematic correlation is required, resulting from the very essence of global justice, which is an interdisciplinary category. Thus, the orientation of individual modules is important, so despite quite large author’s autonomy, the journal at its essence is to be logical and easy to read as a whole.

The thematic proposals of individual modules are discussed below.


Module 1. The philosophical foundations of global justice.

The aim of this part of the journal is to present the philosophical foundations of justice, approaches for defining it, methods of systematizing definitions, considerations regarding the possibility of universalizing the concept of justice in the post-global era. A significant element of this module should remain related to the issue of human rights, their intellectual origin, and the analysis of its implementation with international agreements.

In this module we welcome theoretical and empirical contributions that investigate the following areas:

·       defining the category of justice,

·       defining of global justice in post global world,

·       international distributive justice,  

·       individual responsibility in a post global world, 

·       philosophical aspects of cosmopolitanism,   

·       philosophical foundations of human rights,

·       empirical assessment of human rights conduct,

·       new concepts of the human rights paradigm.


Module 2. Political aspects of Global Justice

The central reference points of this part of the magazine are issues related to the description of the global governance system, as well as processes which leads to its formation as the centre of contemporary international order. Important and relevant for the journal are articles related in their content to issues associated with the current debate on the international order, as well as the line of criticism of the global governance system and proposals for reforming on the global justice bases.

While not limited to the topics below, we are focusing our attention on issues around:

·    descriptions of the contemporary international order,

·    global justice in a multi-polar world,

·    analysis of the globalization processes dynamics,  

·   normative concepts of international order reforms,

·   social participation in decision-making processes,

·   justice and international relations,

·   sovereignty in XXI century,

·   gender inequality,

·   alternative approaches to representative democracy facing the need for a new global reality (such as e-democracy, deliberative or cosmopolitan democracy),

·   intergenerational justice (political aspects of sustainable


Module 3. Sociological determinants of global justice.

The main goal of the sociological module is to consider the possibilities of building a permanent cosmopolitan civil society. Therefore, first and foremost is to determine the relationship between “us” and “others”. What is naturally related to the concept of ethical cosmopolitanism and issues of collective identities formation. Additionally, in sociological module of the journal we wish to focus on issues related to recent challenges of trans-culturalism in the era of great migrations, broadly understood social diagnosis of the modern world.

 We welcome contributions that investigate the following areas:

·    identify barriers and stimulators for shaping cosmopolitan identities,

·    new forms and mechanisms for activating civil society,

·    issues related to the participation of non-governmental organizations in decision-making processes,

·    diagnosis of global civil society,

·    attitude towards migration as an indicator of cosmopolitan

·    social justice and social cohesion,

·    intergenerational justice (issues of sustainable development at the social level).


Module 4. Economic and financial mechanisms of global justice.

The main purpose of the economic and financial section of the journal is to focus on the practical possibilities of implementing the global justice principles to the contemporary economic and financial order. Therefore, considerations related to the assessment of the economic and financial aspects of the global governance and execution of international economic and financial organizations, will be important as well, as reflections focusing on Multinational Corporation. All papers that aim to discuss the mechanisms, tools and regulations related to the realization of the global  justice paradigm are welcomed in this section of journal, so those contributions that investigate the following areas are anticipated:

·    evaluation of the economic and financial international order,

·   activities of economic organizations (governmental and

·   distributive justice,

·   the concept of development,

·   concepts of taxation for global justice,

·  multinational Corporations,

·   considerations related to the field of energy policy and its
impact on the development of global justice,

·    the global financial system and financial markets, central and
commercial banks, as well as issues related to income redistribution and financial inclusion,

·   evaluation of the implementation of the principles of global
justice on the economic level,

·   economic aspects of sustainable development,


However other contributions addressing perspectives, concepts, methods and empirical examples of global justice would also be taken into consideration in the publishing process.


Call for Papers/Books/Thesis

Call for Scholarly Articles

Authors from around the world are invited to send scholary articles that suits the scope of this journal. The journal is currently open to submissions and will process and publish articles monthly in two yearly issues.

The journal is centered on quality and goes about its processes in a very timely fashion. Seasoned editors/reviewers will be consulted to review each article(s), profer quality evaluations and polish the articles with expertise before publication.

Simply send your article(s) as an e-mail attachment to submit@imjgj.acadpub.online.

Call for Books

You are also invited to submit your books for online or print publication. We publish books related to all academic subject areas.    Submit as an e-mail attachment to books@journals.acadpub.online.


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